Clients always ask me which days of the week are the least expensive to book.  Are the best deals last minute?  

Now that we live in a post-covid world, those last-minute deal days are long gone.

My recommendations:

  • Sun Winter 2023 you need to lock in the package now (summer/early fall).  Waiting to save $50 will potentially lead to paying $200 more.
  • Travelling spring, and summer Internationally, lock in those hotels and flights asap.  Flight schedules are released 10 months out.

If you want the best value for your money and avoid disappointment, then a travel agent is the way to go.   If you are chasing rock bottom prices, willing to play the waiting game with potentially paying higher prices you are best researching the internet on your own.

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Highlights from the linked article below:

With the USD trading high and instability in oil pricing, there will invariably be a fuel surcharge and potentially a currency surcharge imposed at some point down the road. Booking now will lock in rates and avoid surcharges should they come along. And it’s only going to get worse: early reports from wholesalers in talks for summer 2023 pricing are that they are seeing increases of 25%.

First and foremost, it is highly unlikely that last minute pricing will exist this winter during peak travel periods, so don’t wait to make your plans,

This winter the prices will NOT go down, the main reason is that the USA has been booking like crazy and there simply are not enough hotel rooms. Hotels can’t find enough staff, meaning some can only open up 70% of their available rooms. Lastly, the price of fuel has not gone down nor will it anytime soon. Add on to this the removal of the rules for Canadian to travel and every factor is telling consumers to book now.”

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OPINION: Book Now and Save? Now More Than Ever!

By Lorie Davis

Source Travel Pulse Canada Webpage